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As a professional general contractor you know general liability insurance is expensive and even difficult, in some cases, to secure from a reputable insurance company with comprehensive coverage's and rates.

We understand your time is valuable and with that in mind we h
ave designed a website that has "Made A General Contractors Insurance Quote Easy!"
It may
take a few minutes to complete our questionnaire but we know our free service will be worth your time.

Some of you may know about the "Teaser Premiums" that some insurance agents and brokers use to get your interest BUT by the time they add their entire extra fees and costs it's usually far from what they originally quoted.

We don't offer "Teaser Premium Quotes" period.  How do you build a relationship with a potential client when you begin with rate quotes that are not valid??

When you receive our General Liability Insurance Quote, it will be based on what you estimated and it WILL identify the total premium.

Unlike the "generic insurance professional," we don't just submit to an insurance company for a quote; we evaluate your operations and then identify in our database, of hundreds of general contractor general liability policies, which insurance companies are the most competitive to your operations!

We represent "A" rated insurance companies and "Occurrence" general liability insurance policies and we have over 50 years of extensive knowledge of the general contractor insurance marketplace.

If you require insurance coverage ASAP, you should contact an insurance professional at SML Insurance Brokerage, Inc. directly (1-800-829-8908).

Valuable information is the key to the best choice and the links provided below provide you with insight about markets, coverage's and exposures - please use them

Important Notice:  Information submitted to this website will be used to identify a "Liability Rate Indication" only. This website will NOT issue, bind or provide any insurance coverage.