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#1.  Contractor General Liability Insurance Policies and Insurers are NOT All The Same!
There are many important liability insurance items, but the five shown below may help differentiate between a "Good Rate for Youor "Good Deal for the Insurer."

1.  An ISO General Liability Insurance Policy is the "Standard and Usual" of the industry and is a frequent requirement under common contracts.

2.  Products and Completed Operations is the Most Important Coverage Part for most contractors and "Limited Period Coverage" will restrict that coverage.

3.  Verify "All Operations Are Disclosed and Identified In Premium Basis" because many contractor liability policies are issued with a not disclosed - not covered condition.

4.  An Insurer's ability to pay claims can be evaluated by an established track record of "Financial Strength" it has been assigned by reputable rating agencies.
5.  Shopping by "Insurance Premium Only" will more than likely get you an insurance policy that is far from what you think you are buying.  Even worse, many believe that old adage that "they better pay my claim or I will sue!"  BAD PLAN, policyholders must realize our legal system works best for those with unlimited resources and few can compare with insurance companies.

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